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Anduril Australian Headquarters

Located within the International Towers commercial skyscraper complex in central Sydney at Barangaroo, Gallus as development managers working with Anduril were responsible for delivering the design and construction of the 6-Star designed headquarters of Anduril Australia invokes luxury, innovation and collaboration blended seamlessly with secure defence operation spaces.


With the workplace design drawing on the innate qualities of defence, Intercept-Adapt-Protect, a spectrum of blue hues unites these notions while celebrating the cutting-edge technology Anduril is known for. An unpredictable, innovative and layered approach to furniture design, material and arrangement of the space offers open planned workspaces with a balanced understanding of privacy and need for separation between departments, individuals and tasks.


Revolutionising the approach to commercial workspace operations, Gallus transformed the office design of Anduril Headquarters into an immersive yet functional experience for users. Gallus understood the client’s philosophy and approach to staff collaboration and productivity while activating a motivating workplace through prioritising natural light, access to panoramic views for all users. Although located within a commercial office tower, the new headquarters is intrinsically linked to defence with highly secure spaces located within for Defence operations. This unique blend of roles and construction priorities resulted in a complex project which Gallus undertook the management of several stakeholders with various levels of ‘need to know’ to result in successfully achieving the clients outcome.

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