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Since 2002 Gallus Partners has been involved in the origination and co-investment in real estate opportunities worth from $2 million to $50 million across residential, affordable housing, commercial office and industrial.


In celebrating more than 20-years of successful performance a key feature of our investments has been strong equity returns for Gallus and its investment partners.

We have learnt the value of:

  • Partnering the right capital with the right opportunity.

  • Acquiring opportunity based on having a deep understanding of market fundamentals applicable to the asset type.

  • Establishing capital structures appropriate to the type of opportunity to maximise returns.

  • Protection of investment capital.

  • Developing and managing assets actively to maximise equity returns.

In our next 20 years Gallus is 

actively seeking to significantly increase our investment's in Brisbane and Sydney, with a focus on special investments where our unique capabilities in Advisory, Management and Sales can deliver high performance returns.

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